Northwest Single Side Band Net

3945 kHz. - 5:30 PM PT  



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Northwest Single Side Band Net

Welcome to the official home page of the Northwest Single Sideband Net that meets every night on 3945 kHz. at 6:30 PM Pacific Time (5:30 PM Winter). This net is both a traffic and social net that everyone is encouraged to join. Requirements for membership are eight (8) check-ins over a one (1) month period and then notify the Net Secretary of your desire to join the net.

Net Statistics:

March 2104







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Congratulation to the newly elected Net Officers:

Net Manager: Paul, W7GPL
Net Sec./Treas.: Lenny, K7XAZ
Board Members:
Jon, K7WNE 
Brian, W7BJN 
Leigh-Ann, W7LEA 
Jim, WA7SRZ 
Jack, W7LD

Your Net Officers for 2012-2013.



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