Northwest Single Side Band Net

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Northwest Single Side Band Net

Welcome to the official home page of the Northwest Single Sideband Net that meets every night on 3945 kHz. at 6:30 PM Pacific Time (5:30 PM Winter). This net is both a traffic and social net that everyone is encouraged to join. Requirements for membership are eight (8) check-ins over a one (1) month period and then notify the Net Secretary of your desire to join the net.

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August 2104







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The annual CBN picnic will be held on Sunday, August 10, from 10 am till 2 pm at Blue Heron Park in Moses Lake. Once again our friends on the NWSSB will be joining us. The Net will provide door prizes, hot dogs with condiments, utensils, and ice cream as usual. Please bring a dish to share (it is a pot luck), something to drink, and a chair. This year we will again have a raffle for a very nice prize that has yet to be announced. It's always a great time. Hope to see you there!! 

All NWSSB Members are invited.

Congratulation to the newly elected Net Officers:

Net Manager: Paul, W7GPL
Net Sec./Treas.: Lenny, K7XAZ
Board Members:
Jon, K7WNE 
Brian, W7BJN 
Leigh-Ann, W7LEA 
Jim, WA7SRZ 
Jack, W7LD

Your Net Officers for 2012-2013.



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